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English sentences with range of circumstances in context

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It said it would be able to offer assistance in a "broader range of circumstances" than previously allowed.

The New York Times

Following the Cunneen case, a finding of corruption requires the probity of a public official to be adversely affected, except in a limited range of circumstances.

The Guardian - Opinion

The network maintains a database of more than 600 lone twins who've lost their twins at various ages and in a range of circumstances: illness, accidents, murder, suicide.

The Guardian - Books

The way he reacts in a range of circumstances, from funerals to train journeys, is like a bored child so I think that's what people like about it".

The Guardian - Film

Of course, he is famous today precisely because he has determined that, in a range of circumstances, there are good reasons to buck the popular tide.

The New Yorker

But Pentagon officials said there were a range of circumstances under which American ground forces would be the best method of capturing or killing Mr. bin Laden.

The New York Times

The 25 current and former employees suing the company represent "a wide range of circumstances," he said, including some whose performance was "objectively unsatisfactory".

The New York Times

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