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range of circumstances
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range of circumstances

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English sentences with range of circumstances in context

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It said it would be able to offer assistance in a "broader range of circumstances" than previously allowed.

The New York Times

Following the Cunneen case, a finding of corruption requires the probity of a public official to be adversely affected, except in a limited range of circumstances.

The Guardian - Opinion

The network maintains a database of more than 600 lone twins who've lost their twins at various ages and in a range of circumstances: illness, accidents, murder, suicide.

The Guardian - Books

The way he reacts in a range of circumstances, from funerals to train journeys, is like a bored child so I think that's what people like about it".

The Guardian - Film

Of course, he is famous today precisely because he has determined that, in a range of circumstances, there are good reasons to buck the popular tide.

The New Yorker

But Pentagon officials said there were a range of circumstances under which American ground forces would be the best method of capturing or killing Mr. bin Laden.

The New York Times

The 25 current and former employees suing the company represent "a wide range of circumstances," he said, including some whose performance was "objectively unsatisfactory".

The New York Times

The manufacturers of iris readers report error rates of under 1percentt, but Mr. Cushing said that such claims would not hold up in a wide range of circumstances — including when people with common eye problems like cataracts are included.

The New York Times

And this kind of research can justify action only when multiple studies produce consistent, robust findings across a wide range of circumstances, as the research on tobacco and lung and cardiovascular health has done.

The New York Times

Richard W. DeVaul, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, says there was a wide range of circumstances in which memory aids could be used now, even without sophisticated "context" sensing.

The New York Times - Tech

We are working to understand the causes of these deaths – as these statistics could include a range of circumstances including natural causes, and road safety incidents, as well as a smaller number of workplace incidents".

The Guardian

A shoot to wound policy could lead to more unintentional police killings by expanding the range of circumstances in which an officer would be allowed to use his or her weapon.

The Guardian

Justice charity Reprieve's executive director Clare Algar said: "At last the government has admitted the wide range of circumstances in which these dangerous plans could be used".


Another proposal is that specific ability is in some sense prior to general ability: to have a general ability is simply to have a specific ability under a certain range of circumstances (see (Maier forthcoming) for such a proposal).


Rather, the "author of Nature" has designed us in such a way that, in a certain range of circumstances, when an agent is aware of the behavior of himself or others, this awareness evokes in him states of approbation.


The study tracked for a year 821 patients who landed in the ICU from a wide range of circumstances.

Los Angeles Times

Furthermore, we found an empirical linear correlation between accuracy and heritability in a wide range of circumstances given different MAFs and penetrances under balanced case-control designs.


For this reason this method may be useful in a much greater range of circumstances.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

However, our work indicates that people consider breaches may be permissible in a wider, and less strict, range of circumstances.

Human Genetics

Constraining what is perceived in light of the expected input is obviously adaptive under a range of circumstances.

Biology and Philosophy

It recognised these discussions have many different forms, may be initiated in a broad range of circumstances and should not be the remit of one professional group alone.

British Journal of General Practice

Decision balance and self-efficacy scores indicated a degree of confidence in the capacity to do physical activity under a range of circumstances.

BMC Geriatrics

It says merely that the model can serve as a descriptor under limited range of circumstances, namely those examined in the experimentation.


Anonymous donors' needs and desires are not homogeneous; policy and practice should be sensitive and responsive to a wide range of circumstances and preferences.

Human Reproduction

A GP or psychiatrist may prescribe a drug, but the patient's intention to take it may be influenced by a range of circumstances.

BMC Public Health

This contrasts with the findings reported here for temozolomide, and suggests that consistency of effect across a range of circumstances may be important for successful translation.

British Journal of Cancer

We chose the resulting cases to represent a broad range of circumstances so findings would be applicable to a variety of contexts.

Conflict and Health

We have found it useful in a range of circumstances, but we do not suggest that behaviour change follows the partial order in a predictable way.

AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV

range of circumstances