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wide range of sales
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wide range of sales

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English sentences with wide range of sales in context

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Having worked in a wide range of media sales environments in both sales and sales management capacities and, most recently, having published my own targeted magazine, I believe strongly I present solid experience which would make me an asset to your sales team.

Cover Letter

September 21 2011 September 22 201111 On Sept. 21, Christie's presents one of its periodic "First Open" sales, with a wide range of styles and an eye toward luring younger investors to contemporary art.

The New Yorker

The result is a wide range of combined sales tax rates across the country.


They range across a wide range of sectors, from sales, where 60% of workers earn less than the living wage, to personal services such as hairdressers and childminders (33%).

The Guardian

Windows CE is being licensed to run in a wide range of systems including sales terminals, industrial control devices, network testing tools, car navigation systems, medical diagnostic systems and telecommunication switches.


There are a wide range of items on sale; mini-skirts, knitted sweaters and T-shirts with slogans printed on the front.


You will probably find a wide range of dilutions for sale.


Giuliani never tried to raise taxes, and as soon as the city's finances improved, he began to implement cuts in a wide range of taxes, including the sales tax and the hated commercial rent tax.

The New York Times - Magazine

It hopes that by 2019 it will be employing 120 people in a wide range of jobs from engineering, sales, and research and development as a new industry forms around Holyhead.


Erik E. Prusch, Clearwire's chief executive, said his company had explored a wide range of alternatives to a sale.

The New York Times

Head to the cleaning aisle of any major grocery store and you should see a wide range of cleaning products for sale.


Tecis has a wide range of products and a sophisticated sales force, Mr. Hart said, and is benefiting from Europeans' rising savings.

The New York Times

Rates on many business and consumer loans fell as a result, encouraging more borrowing to support a wide range of economic activity, from auto sales and home remodeling to investments in factory equipment.

The New York Times

A Washington lobbyist for a wide range of corporations said that with sales barely growing in the United States and Europe, Western companies were particularly dependent on China for growth and inexpensive manufacturing.

The New York Times

My fantasy consumer electronics retailer would be a one-stop device and network shop combining John Lewinformedinformed sales staff, a wide range of products, supermarket-beating prices and top-notch after-sales care.

The Guardian - Tech

In the first five months of the year, unit sales of a wide range of conservation products were up strongly, in some cases double sales of a year ago, Home Depot said.

The New York Times

In a deal with the federal government, Smith & Wesson, the nation's largest handgun manufacturer, recently agreed to a wide range of restrictions on the manufacture, sale and distribution of its handguns in exchange for protection against liability lawsuits at the federal, state and local levels.

The New York Times

Websites like Trade-A-Plane.com and Controller.com offer a wide range of used propeller aircraft for sale.


Mr Lloyd of Mallams reports a wide range of buyers at his Oxford sale, including some from American and Sweden, as well as companies looking to decorate their grounds.Christie's holds garden sales only when it has a collection to sell.

The Economist

Jones and other analysts say IBM, with its vaunted sales force, wide range of middleware and global services arm, is better positioned for growth.


Analysts say a wide range of forces is undermining holiday computer sales to the consumer market: * Consumer debt levels are high and there are numerous signs that the economy is slowing, exactly the conditions to make consumers and small-business owners think twice about purchases of costly items like cars, appliances and computers.

The New York Times

Create your own business plan 1.1 Mission Harquebus Paintball will strive to provide its customers with 100% satisfaction through promotions and sales, a wide range of quality products, great services, and in the future, beautiful tournament-like fields, with its friendly staff that is highly knowledgeable in the field of paintball.


A wide range of items is included in the sale, but plush winter coats that were nearly $5,000 and are now around $1,000 are screaming to be purchased and put away for next year.

The New York Times

The euro's 18percentt decline in the last year has cut sales for a wide range of United States consumer products companies.

The New York Times

Oracle's E-Business Suite will offer a wide range of software over the Web, including marketing, sales, manufacturing and purchasing applications.


The authorities said that to "open the sales channel and increase prices" in China, GlaxoSmithKline, also called GSK, had bribed or paid off a wide range of people who could aid the company's sales operations.

The New York Times

But it is known that the sale covers a wide range of subjects and styles, and that most of the paintings have been bought at auction over the last decade.

The New York Times - Arts

3.15pm GMT President Obama today reveals his plans to introduce a wide range of new regulations and laws on the sale and possession of firearms, the first serious attempt to do so in nearly 20 years.

The Guardian

eurocamp.co.uk Kuoni Running from Christmas Eve until 13 February, the Kuoni sale includes a wide range of offers including ten nights full board in the Maldives from £1,599 and seven nights in Phuket, Thailand from £999 per person - both including flights and transfers.

The Guardian - Travel

The expression 'organ sale' covers a wide range of different practices.


wide range of sales