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Therefore, the arguments in that proof apply to our case, where we can regard some of the duplicates from x and some from the inverse of x.

Algorithms for Molecular Biology

The latter theory does not apply to our case as there was no change in CD4 count observed since initiation of ART and viral load was not yet fully suppressed.

BMC Pediatrics

On the other hand, as the sensitivity of a Pap smear for the detection of cervical adenocarcinomas is very low (Krane et al, 2001), the rapid-onset hypothesis may not apply to our cases.

British Journal of Cancer

Here we briefly describe EM algorithm applied to our case.

BMC Medical Genomics

Therefore, we used a simple method (Quackenbush, 2002) that can be readily applied to our case.


CM also includes a practical method for analysis, which we applied to our case study.

Health Research Policy and Systems

This approach also requires the axons to run in bundles and roughly maintain their orientation throughout the dataset, and hence, cannot be directly applied to our case.


However, such tests could not be applied to our case, because they require the same number of terminals in both trees.

BMC Evolutionary Biology

Hypothetically, CD20 positivity in T-cell lymphomas may include derivation from subsets of CD20 positive T-cells undergoing neoplastic transformation or CD20-acquisition following neoplastic transformation of the T-cells; the latter applying to our case, where CD20 was acquired upon relapse.

BMC Clinical Pathology

Applied to our case, it is allowed to differ in each clade of paralogous gene.

BMC Evolutionary Biology

When applied to our cohort of cases, the obtained data suggest that simplicity in antidiabetic therapy should be considered in the management of dependent type 2 diabetic patients when caregivers' satisfaction is an additional objective.

Clinical interventions in aging

If this multiplier is applied to our estimate of 905 cases, it implies 6,770 fewer cases of cryptosporidiosis in the community each year.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Similar quality control approaches have been applied to our ADHD, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia case and control samples to exclude overlapping and related individuals.

British Journal of Psychiatry

Applying this to our case, if the process leading from the system in the situation depicted in Figure 4A to the situation depicted in Figure 4B is possible (and we have just seen it is), then the process obtained by simply inverting the direction in which the particles involved move will also be possible.


Despite revelations unearthed by activists, journalists and whistleblowers over the last five years that have shone unprecedented light on a previously hidden part of British policing, the Met have said that they can "neither confirm nor deny" the accusations, requested the case be heard in secret, and have directly applied to have our cases struck out.

The Guardian - Opinion

Since the peripheral nerve is intact in baroreflex failure, we decided to apply this method to our case.

BMC Nephrology

Two do not apply to this case.

The Guardian

How might this term apply to the case of Chernobyl?

The New York Times

I don't think the statute was written to apply to this case".

The New York Times

"Forgiveness does not apply to the case," he tells her coolly, before abandoning her.

The Guardian - Books

Corresponding remarks apply to the case of pleasure (Haybron 2008).


Different considerations apply to the case of network representations.


Poland in particular insists that these new rules can only apply to new cases and should only apply to Britain.

The Guardian

Such prescriptions may be useful in the abstract, but are hard to apply to specific cases.

The New York Times

Let us see how the proposals for dealing with the cup case apply to fission cases.


However, these findings do not apply to all cases [ 20].

BMC Infectious Diseases

Hence, our findings most likely apply to non-syndromic cases of ASC.

American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B, Neuropsychiatric Genetics

In applying the M&V scale to our case, varenicline is categorized as a "possible" cause of DILI.

BMC Gastroenterology

The changes take effect immediately and will apply to cases already under investigation.

The Guardian