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Don't get lost in wild content, let Ludwig be your guide

The linguistic search engine that understands what your users are searching for

At Ludwig, we have been developing state-of-the-art search solutions based on Big Data, NLP and Machine learning since 2014. Our search technology helps users find the best results as quickly and easy as possible.


Custom Algorithm

Bring your customers in the right place

E.g. You might need to give more relevancy to certain keywords, specific actions or topics, so that some content is easier to find (On-site search, intranets and online customer services)

Customized Synonyms List

Find the right content by related terms

E.g. A company producing sport watches might be interested in considering the search terms “clock”, “smartwatch”, and “wrist-wearable computer” as perfect synonyms because they are all identifying the same object

Analytics Dashboard

Get the most important search insights

Our analytics dashboard helps you figure out what your customers and users are looking for, as well as where they are hitting dead-ends most often so that you can produce the content that your site is missing

Get relevant results

Differently from common search engines, Ludwig understands the meaning of any search to give you back more relevant results

Lightning fast

No matter how much text you want to index and search, Ludwig will find the right piece of information in few milliseconds

Search in your language

No matter what language you are using to search, Ludwig will translate it into English. This means: many inputs, one clear result

Contact us to get a custom solution

Drop us a line with your problem and we’ll find the search solution that suits your needs

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