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English sentences with wide range of quality in context

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Since health values of seriously ill patients vary widely, we incorporated a wide range of quality of life for each health state, assuming no state was worse than death.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

A review of the work shows a wide range of quality and industriousness.

The New York Times

And on the interpretation side, there is also a very wide range of quality or accuracy, in my opinion".

The New York Times - Health

But it remains a distinctive voice, an essential market for a wide range of quality UK production and a channel which dares to do things others can't or won't.

The Guardian

LS Mash 11 Atlantic Road, London SW9 8HX, 020-7274 6423 Running since 1932, this award-winning fishmonger sources a wide range of quality English seafood including fresh haddock, skate, lemon sole, gilthead seabream, fresh scallops, rock salmon and more.

The Guardian - Lifestyle

But Chablis also suffered from its wide range of quality: While many of its Grands and Premiers Crus are recognized as some of the finest white burgundies, some of its vineyards produce some very mediocre wines indeed.


Boston Scientific is not expected to be able to market improved stents in the United States until federal regulators are satisfied that it has dealt with a wide range of quality control and reporting violations for which the company was cited last year.

The New York Times

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