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wide range of quality
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wide range of quality

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English sentences with wide range of quality in context

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Since health values of seriously ill patients vary widely, we incorporated a wide range of quality of life for each health state, assuming no state was worse than death.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

A review of the work shows a wide range of quality and industriousness.

The New York Times

And on the interpretation side, there is also a very wide range of quality or accuracy, in my opinion".

The New York Times - Health

But it remains a distinctive voice, an essential market for a wide range of quality UK production and a channel which dares to do things others can't or won't.

The Guardian

LS Mash 11 Atlantic Road, London SW9 8HX, 020-7274 6423 Running since 1932, this award-winning fishmonger sources a wide range of quality English seafood including fresh haddock, skate, lemon sole, gilthead seabream, fresh scallops, rock salmon and more.

The Guardian - Lifestyle

But Chablis also suffered from its wide range of quality: While many of its Grands and Premiers Crus are recognized as some of the finest white burgundies, some of its vineyards produce some very mediocre wines indeed.


Boston Scientific is not expected to be able to market improved stents in the United States until federal regulators are satisfied that it has dealt with a wide range of quality control and reporting violations for which the company was cited last year.

The New York Times

Indeed, for the past two years, the top-ranked primary-care doctor out of WellMed's fifteen hundred — according to a wide range of quality measures, such as the percentage of patients with well-controlled blood pressure and diabetes, rates of emergency-room visits and hospital readmissions, and levels of patient satisfaction — has been a McAllen physician.

The New Yorker

The manufacture of pottery in a wide range of quality was important to trade and employment, as were the glass and metalworking industries.


The 42 reviews included in the study had a wide range of quality scores.


Therefore, journals from Italy and the UK were together considered to represent a wide range of quality within a European framework and were selected for this study on editorial leadership.


Create your own business plan 1.1 Mission Harquebus Paintball will strive to provide its customers with 100% satisfaction through promotions and sales, a wide range of quality products, great services, and in the future, beautiful tournament-like fields, with its friendly staff that is highly knowledgeable in the field of paintball.


The picture quality will likely be worse because of this, but there is a wide range of quality in point and shoot cameras, so do not rule them out before you investigate.


Hospitals in European countries apply a wide range of quality improvement strategies.

BMC Health Services Research

CASP data is a good testing ground for scoring functions since it includes models spanning a wide range of quality generated by a variety of different modelling algorithms.


The presence of a wide range of quality filters makes this tool also suitable for refining the ab initio gene predictions.

BioData Mining

A wide range of quality measures can be used to examine these components of patient experience, including Patient Reported Experience Measures and Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

BMJ Open

Since the reference set used is an important determinant of the quality of the CN data, we purposely used several reference sets for each sample to obtain a wide range of quality in the CN data.

BMC Medical Genomics

There can be a wide range of quality among staff who administer the spirometry tests; however, with a quality assurance program, spirometry can be performed and interpreted for asthma and COPD patients, and the spirometry results used to modify care.

Clinical interventions in aging

As a result, each population genomic data set is generated using unique combinations of library preparation chemistry and sequencing platform, different short-read aligning programs or pipelines with distinct biases and error rates, a wide range of quality filters and thresholds, and often distinct data formats.


These data suggest that the effort required to attain very high levels of sedative protocol compliance is highly worthwhile, a finding that may be applicable to a wide range of quality control problems in critical care (tidal volume limitation, venous thromboembolism prophylaxis, early mobilization, and so on).

Critical Care

"But he's got a wide range of qualities, including goal-kicking, and his defence has improved dramatically".

The Guardian - Sport

Combined abatacept and methotrexate treatment leads to significant improvements across a wide range of quality-of-life domains in patients with RA (Russell et al. 2007).

Core Evidence

Generic health related questionnaires such as the Euroqol Health Questionnaire 5 Dimensions (EQ-5D-3 L) mix a wide range of quality-of-life dimensions and include a sixth question on overall perceived health-related status.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

They said the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) should ensure there was "sufficient flexibility in the job description and package to attract the widest range of quality applicants to the job".

The Guardian

First, because females in poor condition appear to invest less in assessing males, the males they mate with may represent a wider range of quality, and thus the difference in mating success between attractive and unattractive males may be small relative to that imposed by females in good condition.

BMC Ecology

To address this need, our aim was to devise a robust amplification and Sanger sequencing strategy that could be used for high-throughput production of complete mtGenome haplotypes which meet the highest data quality expectations while accommodating a wide range of DNA quality and quantity.

BMC Genomics

"We want to see a wide range of good quality e-cigarettes on the market including licensed products whose safety, quality and effectiveness are independently assured".

The Guardian

wide range of quality