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Constable, however, worked in a realist mode with a high level of precision in his landscapes of the English countryside, whereas Turner, particularly later in his career, produced wildly expressionistic and atmospheric seascapes that verged on abstraction.

Encyclopedia Britannica

In retrospect, DeMar felt players continued to play the game because the control scheme offered a high level of precision.


This means a high level of precision promotes fast associative learning.


Validity means a high level of accuracy, while reliability means a high level of precision [ 3].

BioMed Research International

Lipocalin 2 distinguishes severe and bacterial pneumonia from nonsevere and nonbacterial pneumonia with a high level of precision.

Clinical Infectious Diseases

The CV of these measurements (0.079) confirms that our quantitation method has a high level of precision.

DNA Research

This high level of precision implies that only a single sample would be needed to obtain reliable results.

Biotechnology for Biofuels

A high level of precision in both EC50 and γ, the primary study objectives, were achieved with the final model (23.4 and 17.4%), respectively.

CPT: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology

These quantitative miRNA expression analysis platforms are strong quantitative tools with a high level of precision and reproducibility and have been used to identify valuable biomarker candidates.

British Journal of Cancer

Each stripe is only a few nuclei wide and any regulatory input function of an enhancer must define at least two borders at a high level of precision.


However, these models of the SLI/SLV complex lack the high level of precision that can only be achieved through high-resolution structural studies.


This high level of precision is further reflected by the low variances generated by the corresponding E max and ΔE determinations.

BMC Biotechnology

These values indicate a high level of precision for the measurement of migration of the tibial component relative to the bone and absence of any systematic bias.

Acta Orthopaedica

It has been suggested that to establish a cut-off value and subsequently calculate the test accuracy with a high level of precision, a panel of 100 positive and negative control samples should be tested [ 3].

BMC Veterinary Research

The main finding in this study was that all three versions of the PODCI exhibited excellent internal consistency and good reproducibility compared with the gold standard (CHQ); thus, the PODCI demonstrated a high level of precision.

BMC Pediatrics

We have also demonstrated by means of sensitivity analyses within the probability matrix that although the conditional probability values are important, the model does not require a high level of precision for these estimates (25).

Global Health Action

This number is sufficient for the development of local centile growth charts with a high level of precision, accounting for exclusions to final analysis due to inability to follow up and occurrence of pregnancy complications [ 34, 35].

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Our results have evidenced a high level of precision of capillary gasometrical analysis when a dedicated collector and procedures are used to homogenize the collection technique (CV 

Annals of Intensive Care

The high precision of the individual genes translates into a similarly high level of precision for the stromal gene group score (SD≤0.04), the cell cycle gene group scores (SD≤0.05) and the RS (SD≤1.38).

BMC Cancer

A high level of precision (indicative of low estimation error) is a desirable property of any estimate, but may require substantial resources (e.g. more time, multiple reviewers and larger numbers of patient records).

BMC Medical Research Methodology

The many acquisitions of data for the mass and the precision of weighing (0.1 to 0.01 g) made it possible to calculate the rate of CO2 production with a high level of precision [ 58].

BMC Genomics

These values are within the accepted values of 10%and20%0% for intraassay and interassay precision, respectively (11), and are indicative of a high level of precision for this type of assay (9).

Emerging Infectious Diseases

When the number of reactions is more than 10 000, as is the case for ddPCR, copy number measurement can be achieved with a very high level of precision providing there are no other sources of variability.

Analytical Chemistry

The impact of treatment on specific domains (walking/standing, pain, social interaction) of foot/ankle-related problems can be evaluated using the three MOXFQ subscales ('profile scores'), which offers a high level of precision.

Bone and Joint Research

Notwithstanding the high level of precision that can be achieved, it is important to note that despite expressing quantities as the number of target molecules, the quantitative context is still confined to the LRE analyses used to generate the dataset.

BMC Biotechnology

The primary considerations for the sample size estimation were: 1) to ensure adequate power to demonstrate that inclusion of novel biomarkers in predictive models would enhance discrimination between subjects who will or will not experience outcomes; and 2) a high level of precision when assessing the discriminatory value of the new predictive models that include biomarkers.

BMC Nephrology

For a primary care quality assessment system, it is crucial to achieve a high level of precision, to discriminate the performance of the entities that are responsible for the performance itself, and to align hospitalization rate indicators with measures of other contexts of care (cost, clinical management, satisfaction/experience) that are typically computed at a local level.

European Journal of Public Health

This approximation does not take in account events that may have occurred in the same region on the opossum branch after divergence, but since the goal of this study does not require a high level of precision, this method is, in our point of view, sufficient.

BMC Evolutionary Biology

A full list of proteins used in the proteomic analysis, and their prediction results, can be found in Supplementary Table 4. > -wrap-foot> Although PSORTb 3.0 exhibited higher recall compared to PSORTb 2, our main goal was to increase prediction coverage for whole bacterial proteomes while maintaining a high level of precision.


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 By contrast, we present survival curves and life expectancy estimates with a comparatively high level of precision based on 3280 deaths ascertained over an 11 year follow-up period among 15 100 people enumerated in shelters, rooming houses, and hotels across Canada.

British Medical Journal