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high level of certainty

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For this, demography delivers a high level of certainty.

The New York Times

Mr. Berry said EMI would seek a high level of certainty that a deal with Bertelsmann would meet regulatory approval before moving forward.

The New York Times

Investigators traced the penetrations with a "high level of certainty" to known Chinese IP addresses and digital fingerprints that had been used for attacks in the past.

The Economist

The benefit is "difficult to detect with a high level of certainty," admits NCAB chair Barbara Rimer, a behavioral scientist at Duke University, but she adds that universal screening is "scientifically defensible".

Science Magazine

Another major difficulty in this case was proving the diagnosis with a high level of certainty before death so the goals of care could be adjusted accordingly.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

These extensive validation steps allow us a high level of certainty that the antibody used is specific to PRDX1 in all techniques used throughout the study.

Breast Cancer Research

24 The strength of the ALSPAC dataset includes the large sample size with consequential small CIs suggesting a high level of certainty of our findings.

Archives of Disease in Childhood

In these patients, the design of our study allowed us to confirm or refute CAP diagnosis with a high level of certainty.

Critical Care

31% (37/118) of admissions to an IRT bed were judged to have helped prevent transfer to a nursing home; 25/118 with a high level of certainty.

BMC Health Services Research

By directly visualizing transport into GUVs, the approach offers a high level of certainty and integrity compared to experiments on bulk suspensions of smaller vesicles.

Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Only FASP9 conditions where the ICD-10 code uniquely identified an anomaly for which there was a high level of certainty about an adverse prognosis were analysed.

Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition

Even for radon progeny for which a high level of certainty on the mechanism of DNA damage by alpha particles has been reached, there is still debate on risks at lower levels.

Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source

In addition, the number of clones we assayed, while higher than in the first experiment, is not sufficient to establish at high level of certainty that these are truly biallelic genes.


When a high level of certainty about the validity of an annotation is required, variants could be annotated with two software tools and variants with differing annotations flagged to be treated with caution.

Genome Medicine

Active detection and management of a mental disorder by a physician is associated with a strong sense of urgency, a high level of certainty, and positive self-perception and attitudes [ 25, 26].

BMC Psychiatry

Part of this may be a wish to avoid labelling patients as having dementia on the QOF register unless there is a high level of certainty as to the diagnosis.

BMJ Open

Most important, we can never have a high level of certainty about how biomarkers relate to clinical meaningfulness without involving patients and caregivers, the very factor that biomarkers are aiming to supplant.

Alzheimer's Research and Therapy

The uncertainty surrounding the above mean ICERs is captured by the cost-effectiveness acceptability curves in Figure 2. Some interventions have steep acceptability curves, illustrating a relatively high level of certainty.

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

In addition, for some diagnoses a high level of certainty at the initiation stage may lead straight to a final known diagnosis, missing out the refinement step for example, diagnosing simple acne.

British Medical Journal

If the same small set of individuals turns out to be responsible for such infrequent connections over nearly all molecular markers analyzed, one may assume with a high level of certainty that these are F1 hybrids and subsequently remove them from the analysis to ensure proper species delimitation.

BMC Evolutionary Biology

A point of interest was the selection of teeth for review which turned out to contain sealant and single-surface restorations whilst one can assume, with a high level of certainty, that the selected children would also have had teeth with multiple-surface cavities.

BMC Oral Health

The predictive value of clinical symptoms in identifying CAP patients is poor No CRP or PCT cut-off value is sufficiently discriminating to confirm or refute CAP diagnosis with a high level of certainty The diagnostic accuracy of biomarkers was not improved when CAP cases considered as viral were excluded from analysis.

Critical Care

Without a gold standard against which one can compare the cause of death structure reported here, it is hard to determine with high level of certainty what real differences in levels and trends are over time in under-five mortality across the 24 departments of Peru from erratic differences.

BMC Public Health

In this article, we have focused on the re-annotation of a taxonomically diverse set of marker sequences such that a clear link between a species name, a specimen or culture and its sequences can be established with a high level of certainty.

Database : the journal of biological databases and curation

Wall-to-wall coverage (i.e. analysis of satellite data that covers the full spatial extent of the forested area), with high resolution satellite imagery or even with airborne imagery will provide a high level of certainty to estimate land-use change [ 17].

Carbon Balance and Management

Acute myocardial infarction is an example of a diagnosis that can be made with a high level of certainty because it has a precise diagnostic definition and well-defined diagnostic criteria, which, when taken together, have high sensitivity and specificity for the correct classification of patients.

BMC Health Services Research

In general, if such chemicals have been certified as allowed for use in the organic sector, they ought to be ones considered to safe for human consumption as a result of scientific testing and observations over a very long period of time and to come with a high level of certainty as to their negligible impacts on human beings.


Objectives To validate recent guidance changes by establishing the performance of cut-off values for embryo crown-rump length and mean gestational sac diameter to diagnose miscarriage with high levels of certainty.

British Medical Journal

Beck and colleagues proposed that high levels of certainty might diminish the capacity for self-reflection; thus, a composite index providing an estimate of overall cognitive insight was calculated by subtracting the score for the SC subscale from the score for the SR subscale [ 24, 25].

BMC Psychiatry