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extensive range of research

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Hi-Plex's intrinsic modular flexibility in terms of target region design, as well as sequencing platform, renders the approach highly attractive for an extensive range of clinical and research applications.

BMC Medical Genomics

The tremendous attention these fish species have obtained for an extensive range of fundamental and applied research purposes have earned them the qualification of model fish species.

Briefings in Functional Genomics

In fact, the search retrieved papers from a range of publication years (1999 200505), covering a wide variety of research areas, and an extensive range of journals across the impact factor spectrum, including Nature and Science.


"The combination of quantitative abilities and experimental biology skills is very valuable in synthetic biology," says Timothy Lu of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT's) Research Laboratory of Electronics, an interdepartmental center where "research encompasses an extensive range of natural and man-made phenomena".

Science Magazine

Strengths of the research include the extensive range of participants surveyed, because in the present study, all women who were pregnant during the post-disaster period were contacted by utilizing the national pregnancy registration, which is unique to Japan's maternal and child health care system.

BMC Psychiatry

Although an extensive range of participants' views and experiences were studied in this research, the small number of participants may limit the generalizability of the findings.

BMC Nursing

Although an extensive range of participants' views and experiences has been studied in this research, the small number of participants may limit the generalizability of the findings.

Human Resources for Health

China exports an extensive range of inexpensive consumer goods.

Encyclopedia Britannica

They did not take any of the shop's extensive range of sex toys.

The Guardian - Music

We offer tailored corporate training for individuals, groups and businesses in an extensive range of subjects.

The Guardian

She produced on an extensive range of programmes for Channel 4, ITV, BBC, Sky and Channel 5.

The Guardian

This is a mere sampling of the extensive range of wife and daughter novels currently available in all good bookstores.

The Guardian - Books

It also features an extensive range of manual and creative controls, and is compatible with any Dynax system lenses.

The Guardian - Tech

Anti-Slavery International has produced an extensive range of teaching materials for both primary and secondary pupils.

The Guardian

He added that within the centre, there was an "extensive" range of health and welfare services and activities.

The Guardian

Plus the university's graduate development centre offers an extensive range of 'ready for work' training courses.

The Guardian

The College consists of an extensive range of quadrangular buildings.


The brown pelican has a similarly extensive range of parasites.


An extensive range of broadcasting options was used to provide over 2,500 hours of coverage.


The MoC projects involved an extensive range of health professions.

Human Resources for Health

Meniscal extracts generally contained the most extensive range of SLRP fragments, and hip articular cartilage the least extensive fragmentation patterns.

Arthritis Research and Therapy

The study was conducted in a rural district of Pakistan and, with a cross-sectional study design, it employed a range of research methods, namely extensive document review for mapping existing information systems, social network analysis of physicians' advice-seeking practice, and key stakeholder interviews for an in-depth understanding of the experience of physicians.

Health Research Policy and Systems

In 1953 the castle was leased to the Ministry of Works and Arnold Taylor undertook a wide range of repairs and extensive research into the castle's history.


Extensive research over a broad range of topics in space physics, ranging from the sun and solar-terrestrial relationships to the interstellar medium that involves both scientific analysis and the development of instruments and satellites, is performed at the European Space Agency ESAA).

Science Magazine

The embassies lost their monopoly status, as host governments widened the circle of Muslim interlocutors even including, cautiously, Islamist groups that had long been at odds with both the host governments and the embassies.Relying on extensive research and a wide range of interviews, Mr Laurence has written an original and thought-provoking study.

The Economist

The survey was extensive covering a wide range of issues.

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

In recent years, this topic has become an extensive area of research, and a wide range of applications exploiting switchable systems have been proposed and realized.

Chemical Reviews

Any efforts at finding a universally optimal model for this purpose would require more extensive research which considers a wide range of filtering techniques and that objective is beyond the mandate of this paper.

Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Overall, the Dementia PSP has been an extensive and wide-ranging process and has brought together a wide range of stakeholders in dementia to prioritise questions for research.

Age and Ageing

As the nation's largest government-sponsored geological research organization, GA employs a broad range of people to cover their extensive responsibilities.

Science Magazine