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Figures 6(a)– 6 d) document examples of BCG analysis corresponding to quality index and synchronized ECG.

BioMed Research International

For a fair comparison, we extracted the sizes of the various encodings that represent the sequence only, ignoring sections of encoded files corresponding to quality values and names.


We assigned reports with low overall quality (corresponding to low quality for several ISQ criteria) a score of 1 or 2, and reports with high overall quality (corresponding to high quality for several ISQ criteria) a score of 4 or 5.

BMJ Open

Quality appraisal therefore varied from 0 to 1, with a score increase corresponding to a quality increase.

Critical Care

Several CGs mapped to genomic regions corresponding to fruit quality QTLs reported in other studies.

BMC Genomics

Scoring ranges from 0 to 100 with higher scores corresponding to higher quality of life.


Recovery was analysed at four concentration levels corresponding to the quality controls in triplicates at each concentration level.

Clinical Proteomics

Scores are standardised on a 0 to 100-point for each domain, with higher scores corresponding to better quality of life.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

b Error probability of a particular base call, corresponding to a quality value as determined by the equation: Q = -10log10(Pe), where Pe is the error probability.

BMC Genomics

The image plot of the control chip shows a larger number of green areas, corresponding to poor quality, than that of the hypersolute.

BMC Biotechnology

We chose to perform this study with real data from patients admitted to ICUs corresponding to French quality standards [ 19] and sharing a routine practice in database exploitation [ 5].

Critical Care

Until now, a total of 107 904 reads sequences have been performed on 84 864 clones; among those, 88.9% were found valid (96 472 sequences corresponding to high quality sequence reads of at least 100 bp with a Phred score over 20).

BMC Genomics

ESTs sequences were produced, and 96 472 ESTs corresponding to high quality sequence reads were released on the international database, currently representing 42.5% of the overall sequence knowledge in this species.

BMC Genomics

It is however not clear if the skewed k-mer distribution observed for the highest sample dilutions (corresponding to low quality metagenomes) is due to aberrant bacterial gene sequences, as observed by correlative analysis of mapped reads, or due to concomitant non-mappable sequences similar to but distinct from the barcode-cassette sequences discussed above.

BMC Genomics

Our main prediction was that drift rate would increase with MT. Indeed, we found an increase in the drift rate (the model parameter corresponding to information quality or stimulus distinguishability) for the MT group (T1, 0.0473; T2, 0.0570) but not for the control group (T1, 0.0479; T2, 0.0459; Fig.  3b).

Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience

Relatives who took the latter view responded negatively to invitations to participate on the basis that intervention would extend length of life without corresponding improvements to quality.

BMC Geriatrics

It is not clear whether adverbialist approaches can successfully tie the appropriate manners corresponding to different qualities with the right pains or tissue damage on different locations.


This theory is centered on the notion of what he calls 'suggestion', or the evincing in us by our sensory data of concepts corresponding to the qualities of things in the world.


Weaver and Lieberman introduce a library of chemical color tests embedded on an inexpensive paper card to presumptively identify formulations corresponding to low-quality antimalarial drugs.

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Partially due to the average 15 ulcer-free days gained with 4LB, 4LB was associated with a differential mean of 0.009 QALYs (95% confidence interval: -0.019, 0.037 QALYs, Table 4), corresponding to 3.3 quality-adjusted life-days gained (−7.0, 13.5).

BMC Health Services Research

This secondary variable will be measured using a questionnaire for the patient, yielding a score between 20 corresponding to the lowest quality of life, and 100, the best quality of life.

BMC Family Practice

The methodological quality of most of our reviews was high, corresponding to the high quality standards of the Cochrane Collaboration.

BMC Oral Health

The Argument from Uncodifiability is that explaining a virtuous person's action in terms of a desire for doing N things, where N is a natural property of actions, combined with the belief that something is N falsely presumes that there is some finite and codifiable natural kind N corresponding to every virtuous quality in actions.


Samples with a RNA Integrity Number (RIN) higher than 8, corresponding to high RNA quality, were used for the study.

BMC Genomics

The DLQI score ranges from 0 30, with "30" corresponding to the worst quality of life, and "0" corresponding to the best score.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Here, we show that a library of chemical color tests embedded on a paper card can presumptively identify formulations corresponding to very low quality antimalarial drugs.

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

The quality appraisal instrument devised by Philips et al. [ 24] include dimensions of methodological quality corresponding to rationales for structure, structural assumptions, disease states/pathways, cycle length, and internal consistency.

BMC Health Services Research

The overall accuracy of our resequencing platform was 99.8%, corresponding to an average Phred quality score of 27 [57].


Finally, the parameter k is set to the value corresponding to the best imputation quality.

BMC Genomics

To them, the NQR and its variables (corresponding to evidence strength & quality) were relevant to stroke care.

BMC Health Services Research