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English sentences with as to quality in context

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Roman as well as English law originally denied the buyer the right of any claims as to quality under the doctrine of caveat emptor ("let the buyer beware").

Encyclopedia Britannica

And that the margin between an Omega Speedmaster, which usually retails at well over $3,000, and a $65 Timex i-Control model is as attributable to vanity as to quality.

The New York Times

More to be done While the survey points out where improvements have been made, it also highlights persistent bottlenecks, such as to quality of education, access to basic sanitation and reducing HIV infection.


On this issue, for example, my conscience tells me that I could not take upon myself the responsibility not only for leaving this new medical sector in a legal no-man's land, but also for putting it in a situation in which - in certain parts of Europe at any rate - everything would be possible, with no legal bounds set and no stipulations as to quality.

EU Parlament

Current guidelines give clear specifications as to quality assurance, participation in proficiency testing and defined scoring systems [ 3, 5, 6].

BMC Cancer

The multicentre character of the study poses special challenges as to quality control performed on an ad hoc or real-time basis or quarterly, as appropriate.

BMC Cancer

JFJ and YX assisted with the semi- and quantitative PCR experiments and provided excellent guidance as to quality control for many of the experiments.

BMC Medical Genomics

Uncertainty as to what's on offer: expressed concern as to quality of care, standards of overseas medical training, treatment or care, sterility in foreign medical facilities or the source of biological material (such as organs, eggs or sperm).

BMC Public Health

The objective of the assessment described in this paper was to guide future improvements in overall training provision on this large rotation as well as to quality assure individual placements that trainees undertake.

BMC Medical Education

KENYA, 25 August 2004 - Safe water and adequate sanitation in schools are as important to quality education as books and pencils.


The aesthetics of the physical space also were identified as contributing to quality care.

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

The conditions that specifically act as barriers to quality reporting are unclear so far.

BMC Anesthesiology

The outcomes are likely to be mitigated by many other factors such as access to quality treatment and supports.

BMC Psychiatry

Factors cited as facilitators to quality measurement and improvement, reported in percentages of physicians who reported them.

BMC Family Practice

Horn himself, unlike Meibauer and Huang, makes Q relative to Quality as well as R.


I'm happy to vouch as to the quality of his merchandise.

The New Yorker

As to the quality of Swiss football, "it's a step down in competition," he said.

The New York Times

The senior immigration judge, JR Devittie, regarded evidence from friends and the partner's brothers as to the quality of relationship as "persuasive and telling".

The Guardian

"We have always been forthright in expressing our opinion as to the quality of the underlying mortgages.

The New York Times

On the downside, tips are at least as likely to be related to the customer's degree of sophistication as to the quality of service.

The New York Times

The secondary market for sovereign sukuks may be difficult to establish, given that there would be asymmetric information as to the quality of the underlying asset.

The Guardian - Opinion

There is no question as to the quality of the outputs, but Mr Cable is now asking researchers to do "more with less".

The Guardian

As to the quality of the embryonic cells, another issue that has worried many scientists, the agency says there is not yet any agreed-upon standard.

The New York Times

It is a huge exercise that sees panels of academics reviewing each others' work and passing judgments as to its quality.

The Guardian

But in yesterday's show Abi Titmuss was the only one who emerged favourably - which should surely be a clue as to the quality of the programme.

The Guardian

Most attribute Steinway's success to clever marketing as well as to the quality of its pianos.

The Economist

However, he explained he wanted assurance "as to the quality of the information given by Southampton General Hospital to Hampshire Constabulary".


He told BBC Radio Leeds: "We are very particular as to the quality and type of investor we want to bring in.


The mushroom is edible, but opinions vary considerably as to its quality.