Ludwig’s AI gives you writing superpowers. What is special and different about it? You are the one who steers the wheel: power is nothing without control.

Friends, 2023 will be remembered in the history books as the year of Artificial Intelligence and we are finally ready to embrace this epochal transformation. At Ludwig, we think that our users’ creativity, curiosity, and need to write correctly is invaluable. This motivates us a lot, and we have now decided to combine the immense help that human-written sources and trustworthy references can give to those who are writing (and that was the reason why we started Ludwig) with the AI groundbreaking power. What more could you ask for?

AI is far from being infallible nor perfect or better than human beings. On the other hand, it is undeniable that a properly developed AI can empower your texts by making the writing process smoother, and, let’s say it openly, it can be of great help when you are not an English native speaker (or also a English native speaker, since amongts our users there are many of them!). Yet, if machines could enhance your skills, we should be aware - as Uncle Ben used to say - that with great power comes great responsibility. AI provides us with invaluable superpowers but human beings are the only ones who can make the world a better place thanks to their intuitions. We, therefore, believe that our users should have full control over their own creations.

How do we integrate AI in Ludwig?

Our mission is to put your ideas and values at the center, into action, and, above all, onto amazing pieces of writing. We must never forget that our power to create, discern and choose is precious and unique, otherwise, we will be nothing more than the dull imitation an AI makes of a human being. Remember you are the only one who can fill your texts with humanity and meaning, we hope Ludwig will help you while you do it.

AI Feedback

Ludwig is here to help you write better and make informed decisions to express the best part of yourself with the help of our new and fully integrated AI assistant. It will come in so handy whenever you want to get feedback on what you are writing. Is your sentence correct? Isn’t correct? Why? How? The AI feedback always knows what to answer but the coolest thing is that with Ludwig you will always have human references to double-check.

Paraphrase your sentence in all the possible ways

Whether you want to say it differently, or you need to shorten that paragraph because you have some limitations… maybe you want to sound more formal with your professor or casual with a colleague… it doesn't matter, you can now have it all with cutting-edge AI technology.

This is just the beginning. We will always be a 100% human-centered company and we will keep shaping our product as if We were the users. Actually, I am a heavy user and one who has always struggled with writing in English. Indeed, AI is affecting every single writing platform, but we will take the challenge to make Ludwig a space where you will always be in full control.

I hope you enjoyed being more aware of what we do and how we do it 💙 🤩.



Ludwig’s Co-Founder